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Large Systems Super Seal Advanced™ 948KIT

5+ TONS | 17+ KW

/ Advanced sealing power with moisture eliminator

/ Faster – no recovery, no pump down

/ Contaminant & particle-free

/ Compatible with all oils & refrigerants

SUPER SEAL ADVANCED™, now with DRY R to eliminate moisture, is a faster and compressor-friendly method of permanently sealing and preventing leaks in A/C and refrigeration systems.  DRY R boosts sealant performance, increases drier efficiency, while preventing waxing and acid formation.

SUPER SEAL ADVANCED™ is engineered to HVACR industry standards and is easily installed into a fully-charged system, with NO pump down or recovery.  
Recommended for systems that are not losing more than 15% of the entire charge over a four-week period.

 Eliminates 20 Drops | 1 mL of Water

 Hose Included


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