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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Super Change™


1. What is Super Change™? 

Super Change™ allows for a fast & easy conversion from R22, or any oil system, to HFC refrigerants, including POE-based R407C & R410A. Super Change™ also rejuvenates o-rings, elastomers, and gaskets, in most cases eliminating the need to replace them when switching to an HFC refrigerant.  Components worn through normal wear and tear may need to be replaced.

2. How does Super Change™ work? 

Super change™ works by creating a strong compatibility link between mineral or alkylbenzene oils and HFC refrigerants. This solubility eliminates the need to change system oil, line set conversion flush, and improves oil return and heat transfer with HFC conversion refrigerants, when used on mineral oil systems. 

3. How does Super Change™ rejuvenate o-rings, elastomers & gaskets; and in most cases eliminate the need to replace them when switching to an HFC refrigerant? 

The chemical composition of Super change™ directly reacts with these soft components, and is absorbed into them counteracting the contraction caused by the removal of the HCFC refrigerant.   Components worn through normal wear and tear may need to be replaced.

4. Are there other added benefits to Super Change™? 

Yes, Super Change™ removes water and oxygen preventing corrosion, lubricant breakdown, and helps restore lubricant to original condition. It also boosts efficiency by reducing oil logging in systems with long line set runs     & rises, which extends compressor life.

5. How many cans of Super Change™ do I use in a system?


Up to 3 Tons

3.5 to 6 Tons

6+ Tons


Up to 32 oz.

Up to 64 oz.

128+ oz.

Conversion not requiring oil change out

1 can

1 can

2 cans/gallon

Conversion requiring oil change out

1 can

2 cans

4 cans/gallon

Conversion to R410A

1 can

1 can

2 cans/gallon

R22 line set conversion flush

1 can

1 can

2 cans/gallon

For oil logging or long line set runs and rises

1 can

1 can

2 cans/gallon

6. Can Super Change™ be used with all HFC refrigerants and systems?

The chemical linking properties of Super Change™ work with all HFC refrigerants. Super Change™ is best suited for high and medium temperature systems such as residential and commercial AC/R systems. Low temperature systems may be suitable for conversion with Super Change™. For these applications call Cliplight Tech Hot Line for additional assistance – 1-866-548-3644.

7. When should Super Change™ be used?

Super Change™ should be used when converting any older system, such as R22, to an HFC conversion refrigerant. It can also be used to prevent corrosion, lubricant breakdown, boost efficiency, and reduce oil logging.

8. What if there is contamination already present in the system?

System contamination does not negatively affect the function of Super Change™. However it is a recommended practice to install a new liquid line drier when changing refrigerants.

9. Will Super Change™ harm the compressor or any other components in the system?

No, Super Change™ is safe and will not harm mechanical components. In fact, Super Change™ has properties which help restore oil to original condition and in turn reduce internal corrosion, wear and tear, extending equipment life.

10. How long does Super Change™ stay in the system?

Super Change™ will continue to be active, in a closed system, until it is opened for repairs. If the refrigerant charge is replaced, install a new can. 

11. How do I classify recovered refrigerant from a system containing Super Change™?

Super Change™ does not alter the classification of recovered refrigerant. Cliplight products are vacuum packed, and contain no propellants such as propane or isobutane, which are deemed contaminates.

12. Has the chemical technology in Super Change™ ever been used before?

Yes, the use of agents to create molecular bonds, or solvency is well known. They are the fundamental basis of all refrigerants, oils, and additives used in the AC/R industry. 

13. How long does it take for Super Change™ to work?

After installing Super Change™ it is safe to run the unit. Depending on the size of the system, it will take approximately 24 hours of operation, for the full effect to be achieved.

14. Is Super Change™ compatible with all types of refrigerant and oils?


15. Can I use Super Change™ if I suspect that there is already a mixed refrigerant?

Yes, the product’s performance will not be affected by the refrigerants mixture. 

16. Can Super Change™ be used on a system with existing POE oil?

Yes, Super Change™ will improve system performance by preventing internal corrosion, lubricant breakdown, and help restore oil to original condition. It will also boost efficiency by reducing oil logging in systems with long line set runs & rises, which extends compressor life.

17. Can Super Change™ be used in place of a flush?

Yes, as line set conversion flush. If burnout has occurred a Flush is required.

18. Should I use Super Change™ with semi hermetic units or compressors with an oil drain valve?

These types of systems should be changed out to the appropriate oil. Super Change™ can then be added to the system to treat the remaining mineral or alkylbenzene oil, eliminating the need for a line set conversion flush.