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Customer feedback policy


1.01 Cliplight Manufacturing Co. welcomes feedback as it encourages continuous service improvements. Feedback from a member of the public about the delivery of goods and services to persons with disabilities may be given by telephone, in writing, in electronic format or through other methods. A feedback form is prepared and should be used for that purpose.



2.01 The purpose of this Statement of Policy and Procedure is to implement a process for individuals to provide feedback on how Cliplight Manufacturing Co. provides goods and services to people with disabilities, responds to any feedback and takes action on any complaints/suggestions, as required by the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service. Feedback from our customers gives the Cliplight Manufacturing Co. opportunities to learn, improve and acknowledge performance.



3.01 This policy applies to all employees and all facilities of Cliplight Manufacturing Co. in Ontario.



4.01 It is the responsibility of the managers and/or immediate supervisors and/or department heads to ensure that all employees follow the guidelines set out in this policy.

4.02 Each managers and/or immediate supervisors and/or department heads is responsible to ensure all employees are trained under the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service and this policy, practices and procedure.






Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07



7.01 Please use the feedback form template to fulfil the requirements of this policy. Cliplight Manufacturing Co. has the form on its website with the applicable contact information.

7.02 Feedback can be communicated to the Cliplight Manufacturing Co. via telephone, email, mail, online form, verbally in person or any other means that effectively accommodates the person with the disability.

               Telephone: 416-736-9036

               Fax: 416-736-9138

               Mail to: Cliplight Manufacturing Co.

                             961 Alness St.

                             North York, Ontario

                             M3J 2J1

                             Attn: Customer Service Department


7.03 If an individual indicates that he or she would like a response, Cliplight Manufacturing Co. is responsible for addressing that individual’s comments/suggestions in a timely fashion. In some cases, comments may be very specific to one situation. In other cases, comments may be broader and provide an opportunity for enhancing Cliplight Manufacturing Co.’s policies and practices.

7.04 Record feedback received and actions taken.

7.05 Feedback will first go to the Customer Service department. Depending on the nature of the feedback, the appropriate department will be involved. The customer will receive communication within ten business days. Depending on the nature of the feedback, the customer may be contacted again.