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3-Way Corded or Cordless LED Worklight 223123

/ Functions & charges while attached to reel or
   remove to run cordless for a full 8 hours

/ See original HEMIPLUS for full product specs

/ Diamond-stamped chrome cord reel – 
   40 ft | 12.2 m  SJOW 18/2 cable

HEMIPLUS™ 3-Way, the rechargeable LED worklight that runs 8+ continuous hours at a full 820 lumens of brightness.  Powered by three high-powered LEDs and a 8800 mAh lithium ion battery in a rugged aluminum chassis, this worklight is built for the toughest of jobs. 

HEMIPLUS™ 3-Way cord reel provides ultimate power and flexibility – use it on a reel or detach the light to run cordless for hard-to-reach areas.  Simply attach the worklight back onto the reel to charge.  

Never let your shift go dark.


Also available without reel in 2 cable lengths: 

123073 – 25 ft | 7.6 m  SJOW 18/2 cable
123153 – 50 ft | 15.3 m  SJOW 18/2 cable