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THE PURIFIER™ Fresh Air Ozone Machine 170AIR

Ozone 101

/ Ozone is the most powerful sterilant commercially available to kill bacteria,   
   viruses, odors, & mold spores

/ Ozone is a naturally occurring substance and is completely safe when   
   used appropriately

/ The Purifier™ is engineered to safely deliver an effective concentration
   of ozone 


The Purifier™ Fresh Air Ozone Machine

/ Incorporates the latest in ozone purification technology

/ Eliminates mold, mildew & bacteria from mobile A/C systems & cabin interiors

/ Removes even the most offensive & stubborn odors such as tobacco smoke 

/ Portable design – AC (100-240 V) & DC power, 

/ 10 hour programmable timer with LCD panel

/ Safely completes most jobs in only 20 minutes


The Purifier™ Fresh Air Ozone Machine kills bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores
at the source for a purified, healthier, and more comfortable interior environment.

The Purifier™ Fresh Air Ozone Machine, the complete solution to clean and healthy air.


Perfect for automobiles, RVs, boats, or other spaces with lingering odors or bacteria


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