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About Us

Cliplight is an internationally respected developer of quality lighting, sealants, and air purification products for the automotive industry.

The company began in 1974 by pioneering a variety of lighting products for people working in garages and on their cars.  Today, the company services its customers through its two divisions, Automotive and Battery Chargers. Through these two divisions, Cliplight offers a multitude of innovative and cost-effective products and tools.  This includes lighting, air purification, chemical service tools, replacement parts and other essential products.   

The company has also been a proven leader in providing customized OEM battery management and charging solutions since 1984.  Combining its superior manufacturing capabilities with extensive R&D, Cliplight can develop a dynamic solution to suit any customer’s specific need. 

In 2016, Cliplight was purchased and incorporated into Alltemp, a DiversiTech Company.  Cliplight now operates as a division of Alltemp Products out of their Pickering, Canada location.

For more information on Alltemp Products, please visit www.alltemp.ca

For more information on DiversiTech, please visit www.diversitech.com