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We’re very careful with any product enhancement choices we use. We were introduced by Paul with Super Seal couple three years back. Implemented the product in my company after some research and testing, actually on my own home equipment. An excellent product for existing field applications, older units, even new installations. I mean how many times have you installed a new piece of equipment – a split type unit and you have some pinhole or perforation something small leak in the lines. After-the-fact you have a new piece of equipment and you’re having refrigerant issues, you’re customer is not happy with you because they have a system that doesn’t work which maybe you used existing line set, and that does happen. So, this product on new installations as well as existing we have great luck with it. It’s a great upsell. We spiff our technicians for it. Customers love it. Even on a system where we’re a little low on refrigerant, we’ll look at the history and what the loss rate was in the past if we have any records, if not we’ll ask the home owner if they’ve ever added refrigerant in the past. First thing we’ll offer is a refrigerant leak inspection, now not everybody buys into that. Whether they do or not we also offer the leak seal as an option and many customers do buy into that.

Excellent luck with it, great product, seals the leaks and very seldom are we back. And most of all, with other products we’ve used in the past they may have harmed the system, plugged up mitering devices, caused other issues – We’ve never had any warranty or any problems with the product. Great product, I fully back it and proud to use it.